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I was the same way. Neither of my kids have ever had a bottle and I have no supply issues, but everytime I've ever tried to pump (I work very part time and thought it would be good to have some in the freezer just in case) I've never been able to get more than 1.5 oz. in 30 minutes. I've tried several times over the past 4 years and I have the Medela electric hospital grade pump. I think that some women just can't pump for some reason.
It looks awesome! ETA: And for goodness sake, could you please pm me with the name of the place you got your hair cut? I'm in the same town as you and can't find a good stylist to save my life.
I'd say 6-8 months.
Yes, my ds had jelly beans at (and probably before) 10 months. My answer would have been totally different with dd. I was SOOOOO strict about what I would let pass her lips up until she was about 2. But with 2 kids now and my dd eating candy, I find it really hard to keep things away from my son. It really depends on the child. Yes, they are a choking hazard but some kids do better with food earlier than others. My ds did just fine with them at 10 months (of course I...
Well, I'm not pg. I got AF-- 12 days late.
Surely you could find a way to use it. If it were me, I'd splurge and buy sushi every single day.
I was reading in another thread here that you can be ticketed for having a baby out of their carseat if the car is running even if it's not moving. Is that really true? I do this ALL. THE. TIME. My ds is more comfortable nursing in private because he gets distracted easily so I always take him out to the car. What am I supposed to do? Nurse him in a dangerously hot car in 90 degree weather and give both of us heat stroke because I can't legally turn on the car for the...
I only have 2, but when I was pg with my 2nd, my MW told me that she absolutely LOVED 3rd pregnancies. She said they always go so smoothly. I thought that was a little strange, but considering the responses on this thread maybe there's something to it!
I think it's fine. I started drinking coffee when I was 8. I am not a morning person and my mom started giving it to me to make our mornings a little easier. My dd is 3 and LOVES coffee. She always tries to take drinks of my coffee if I have some and it became such a power struggle in the mornings that now she gets her own little 2oz cup. And she drinks it black just like me!
: It's a really neat site.
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