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Great idea!
Could you get a hotel room when you go into labor?
Yes! It's really healthy. Hemp has omega 3's and it much healthier than other fake milks IMO.
That sucks, but you probably aren't going to get your book. : Amazon is awesome most of the time (I order from them a lot), but if there is a problem and you have to use customer service, then heaven help you. Seriously. They have the worst customer service I've ever encountered. I ordered something once that never came. I called and called and they said it had been shipped. I couldn't get them to do anything about it. Finally I had to order it from somewhere else...
Does it have to be homemade? When we had cats we fed them Sojourner Farms. It's a raw mix that you add raw meat to. They did quite well on it.
He'll be fine. I've never seen a splinter bleed.
I don't have a dog and I'm not a vet, but the first thing I thought of was hemmorhoids. I'd definitely take her to the vet if it's that bad.
I was going to suggest peroxide too. And then maybe once the stuff is loosened you could swab it out with a q-tip and a little oil.
The only time I ever used a cover was when we went to the beach and I had to take my breast out of the top of my bathing suit to nurse. And that was only because I personally was not comfortable having my breast exposed for everyone to see. I certainly wouldn't bat an eye at anyone else nursing that way though. Do whatever makes you feel comfortable. Whenever I lift my shirt up to nurse I really don't think anyone really even notices unless they're really looking. I...
Well, the downstairs is DONE. I did it yesterday and dh happened to get home early so we were able to take it and donate it after all. : Now I have to do the upstairs. : That probably will go to the dumpster except for the stuff that gets done on the days that we're both off.
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