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I agree, they will usually use their wheel & go by date of LMP instead of date of ovulation.
I'll join too. I'm Sommer, this is our 3rd baby. EDD is 11/13.   So far I have been really lucky in the morning sickness department and haven't encountered much yet. My biggest problem is I am just not hungry. At all. Nothing sounds good most of the time. I've been eating cereal and toast and raw vegetables. And I have also been so super tired. My dog had to have surgery today, so I was up so late last night worrying, and then again this morning so I was even more...
Congrats, what a wonderful surprise!   My dd has also been saying I have two babies too. It was slightly freaking me out a bit, as she is so persistent about it I am not sure what to think. She told me I was pregnant before I told her, and now she's insisting there are two babies. I'm sticking to the idea that it is wishful thinking. We don't do ultrasounds at all, so it would be some time before we would know anyway.
Just read this article about What to Expect When You're Expecting, and I found it to basically back up previous comments (mine included )   sammypants, finished Water for Elephants yesterday, it was fabulous. I was also reading a Dexter book when I was working out and finished that one today (paperbacks fit much better in the book/magazine holder) so I need a new working out book too.
That's great news! I glad everything is developing as it should!!
I was just moaning about the bloated gassy feeling to dh. I have no ideas, just wanted to tell you I'm right there with you. I haven't had enough water today, so maybe that is part of mine.
I agree, What to Expect is not a great book to read. I read parts of it when pregnant with my first and it terrified the crap out of me. I'm not motivated by fear, thankfully, so went out and found some books that were more geared to information instead of fear.   I enjoyed Ina May's books for good inspiration. I put WTEWYE away for the Mothering Magazine's Guide to Having a Baby Naturally & The Natural Pregnancy Book by Aviva Jill Romm. (She also has a great...
Nina, my first pregnancy was similar. We had just gotten married & were on our honeymoon & I had NO idea I was pregnant. In my mind it wasn't even a possibility. My period was late, so we joked about it but didn't take it seriously. After we got home & my period still hadn't come we found out. I know at least one night in the prior week I had drank nearly an entire bottle of wine over the course of an evening. The rest of the honeymoon wasn't exactly innocent. Vitamins (&...
Nina, I'm sorry it wasn't what you were hoping for. Hope you settle in to the feeling.
I know this sounds so infantile, but I am so terrified of telling my parents I am pregnant. It hasn't been long since my mother said to me "You guys aren't planning on having any more, are you?" In the past she has said she will welcome any and all grandchildren, and I know this is true, but there is this part of me that is just terrified of telling her. My ds is quite spirited and still a handful at 5, almost 6. I was with my dad yesterday (divorced parents) and I...
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