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Bloody show last night at 11 and nearly every trip to the bathroom since then. I had some pretty good contractions this morning, but they've calmed down since I took a nap. I just ate lunch, and now we'regonna go walk around the mall for a bit.
Electric, in this case I think the end definitely justifies the means!  You did your absolute best and have a little sweetie pie to show for it!  Can't wait for pictures!!
 Holey cow this is my night to a T.  Every.dang.night.
  Congrats, electric!!   Can't wait for an exciting update from you, uriver!!
  Hooray!!!!!!!!!!!  Way to go, mama!
 ooooh That could explain my almost total lack of real nesting.  I like it! I'm starting my maternity leave on Monday whether the baby's here or not (I'll be 39+2).  I can't sit in this stupid chair any more without going insane.  I juuuust have to finish this week.  I can do it.
ooooooooooooh exciting! 
omg It's my baby's birth month already!!!   And it's taking FOR-EV-ER.      I'm really pretty torn, actually.  Obviously, I want this bieb to develop fully and wonderfully.  But part of me wants to meet him/her now because I've just waited so long already.  And another part of me wants him/her to wait until after the Hunger Games double feature on the 21st (due date is the 16th).  I swear I'm not going to selfishly put myself ahead of my child.  Whatever happens and...
I walked a 5k with my church yesterday with secret hopes it would kick start something.  It hasn't so far.    I know I'm only 38+2, but I want my baby!!  Nothing feels imminent.  I had a contraction "scare" last Monday night (about 3 hours of intense cramps after DTD), but it petered out and since then... NOTHIN.  I'm considering a pedicure on Friday.  a) Cuz I enjoy having pretty feet and b) because certain spots on the feet can trigger contractions if massaged enough.
I love this thread already!   FYI, mamaecho's baby was a boy. :)
New Posts  All Forums: