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Just wanted to give you an update. I had my consultation yesterday and she did not feel comfortable taking me, not because of my history with IUGR but because of my abdominal surgeries when I was a child. So we did a lot of thinking and we have decided to go with a regular OB. I feel crushed but a healthy baby is the end result, no matter how we get there. Thanks for the advice!
Yes :)
I love that the location of the center is 2 blocks from the downtown hospital, so it does make me feel more safe.    I have my first appointment in a week from tomorrow. Will keep yall updated! :)
I have my first appointment on the 25th and I didnt want to waste her time haha.   I will for sure explain everything I know about my previous babies, I hope she takes me and is willing to work with me. I am so very excited to have the pregnancy and birth of my dreams!
Hi ladies, I just found out I am pregnant with our third child. My first child had unexplained IUGR. She was born at 37 weeks at 3 lbs 13 oz and stayed in the nicu for 11 days. My second child was born 16 months later at 6 lbs 1 oz at 39 wks 5 days and went right home with me. This time around I want to get care in a birthing center under a midwife. Would my previous history of IUGR (in the state of idaho) make me be turned away for a specialist? This is something we...
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