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come on labour! 4cm i a good start! Hope the membrane sweep takes.
Congrats on the mucous ladies! I have none. And no other signs. Due date is Friday. I think I am going to go into March. Yay. LOL   I am feeling enormous today and I have so much work I should be doing with the kid and just don't have the desire or energy. DH said it seem like we take more time off then we do on! 
I forgot to say that it often takes two weeks for dairy and gluten to get out of the system (we have dairy and gluten intolerances in our family).
I think that if it is blood from the GI tract it should be a darker red. Bright red hopefully indicates constipation or a small tear in the anus, which heals up easily.   If it looks like raspberry jelly or really mucousy that is a cause for concern. Does he seem upset or cranky? I hope it is an easy fix and not something more complicated.
Awww poor baby and mama. What color is the blood? Is it dark red or bright red?
Hey! The best news is that eventually, we will all have babies! It is so hard to wait, I am def. doing my best to keep busy.   Right now I am supervising while my oldest cleans his room, so it is done to my current insane standards (normally I let him be to clean it as a 9 year old would but it is really bothering me right now!). And I have DH cleaning the bathrooms for me LOL Just how they all want to spend a Monday night.
Sounds like a good sign, with all that mucous!   My due date we chose (because I wasn't sure when I ovulated exactly but I know when we DTD so we went with a date five days after that) is on Friday. I still wonder if I will have a February or March baby.   I had an appt. this morning and when I came back DH had taken the kids to the gym and now he is taking them out for lunch! SO the house is quiet. I just ate and now I am going to enjoy a big bowl of ice cream...
I had a Blessingway last night and I think I finally feel ready to give birth. I have been struggling with some fear or ambivalence about going through labour for a fourth time. I really drew strength from the women in attendance last night. WE all are part of a homeschool co-op together and I am so thankful I met them.    No impending signs but we did a belly cast and I didn't realize how HUGE I am until looking at it from a different angle! LOL   I find myself...
((((hugs))) Love, light and wishes for a safe and speedy recovery.
Good luck! ELV to you today!
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