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hugs to all the mamas who are "overdue" and/or facing induction.   Pollyanna, my midwife is super laid back. She was my midwife during my last birth and we went to one day shy of 43 weeks. We didn't even talk about induction or transferring care but there were no laws forcing us to do so. I don't think she even has a back-up OB and I certainly don't as well.
I don't think it is labour. It doesn't pick up and sometimes it will be every two minutes for an hour and then stop. I probably have a stomach ache LOL Anyway, it has been going on since last night. If it is labour it is very very early stages.
This is the first time i have ever felt them, like I have my period and am cramping every two minutes or so and holy crap it is annoying! It has made me super cranky today.    I know people have suffered through these for weeks and weeks and now I really feel the pain/annoyance they felt. Ugh.
This midwife doesn't do them until after I hit 43 weeks, of course that depends on the comfort of the mother. I went to 42 weeks with #1 and agreed to do one NST (I was seeing military doctors). I went to one day shy of 43 weeks during my third with this current midwife and we didn't do anything. We were talking about having one done and then I went into labour. I did start seeing her twice a week when I hit 42 weeks.
Welcome welcome baby Audren!
Still here! My due date is February 25 and I don't think I will go early. More than likely I will go into March a bit or close to it.   My midwife said her other February moms-to-be both went a week early on the exact same day and their labour started the exact same way. Now they are just waiting for me. I told them not to hold their breath LOL  
I am 99% positive it won't be me but I hope someone goes around then! That would be cool :)
Congrats! I love her name!
YAY! DId you get your VBAC? I can't wait to hear the birth story!
Congrats on the new baby girl!
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