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I am fine in the morning too but by lunch time tend to lose it. I also yelled at my almost 3 year old today because she was screaming at me over how I made her sandwich. I made her cry and felt really bad. Apologized and she started screaming at me again. SO I had a nap.
I just started seeing my midwife every week. It does seem silly but she let me go once a month for most of the pregnancy. It is just such a hassle to get all the kids there and then I never have any problems or questions and I can feel the baby move so I know it is fine. Anyway, she wants to meet once a week and I can do that but it is more beneficial for me to go to the chiropractor more often then meet with her!   I need to mentally prepare for a baby as well. I...
Congratulations! I hope you heal quickly. Enjoy your baby moon too :)
Good luck Jenne!
Whoot! Good luck!
It is hard to wait!   Like the PP said, past due is when you are past 42 weeks (says someone who has delivered two children past due... 42 weeks and 43 weeks). I would be patient and just let the baby come when it is ready, barring any medical reason why it should be encouraged to come out sooner.
All of my labour supplies are in a box in the bathroom including a not for DH about what he has to do. Two labours we had plenty of time to get stuff ready and one time we did not. I was in no condition to help him so a simple checklist was appreciated by him so he wasn't bothering me with questions.   We prepare everything in early labour.
Jenne, I am so sorry. I know this isn't the birth you were planning.
Oooh I love Ari! Just as Ari.   FWIW, we named our third Marley, fully knowing it was a dog's name in a book and soon to be released movie.
Sick before labour sucks! I was super sick a week before my last baby.    I hired someone to come in and help me deep clean my kitchen. I think we will have it all done in four hours total. I tackled all the drawers while she has done the fridge, freezer, microwave and stove. I think she is going to scrub out the dishwasher next while I clean the floor on the pantry. It would have taken me two days to do this and it feels so good to have it getting done. It won't be...
New Posts  All Forums: