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Congratulations! I love her name too :)
I swore I was going to go early the last time and went to 43 weeks. My SIL swore she was going to go early and gave birth also at 43 weeks. I now swear I am going to go late and will be pleasantly surprised if it is otherwise but prepared to go into March! LOL   I have also been eating so much dairy this pregnancy and have had iron issues but I can't help it. I just want dairy. Dairy and carbs and apples. A meal of toast, apples and cottage cheese is heaven to me.
Yay Congrats!
I had an almost 43 weeker last time who was only 7.7lbs and she grew slowly. BUt my first who was 42 weeks was only 8.4lbs but he grew quickly! And could support his head at birth. Of course my only one that was born close to her due date was my biggest (9.8lbs). You never know what you are going to get.   I will not be surprised if I go into March. I am trying not to think about it. Just keep on schooling the kids, knitting organizing and cleaning. LOL
Yay Holly! ELV!
Gorgeous baby! Congrats mama! Welcome to the world Lucia :)
Seems like we have a lot of late January/early February babies! Will there be anyone to deliver through the rest of the month?   My midwife and I put my due date at the last possible day which is February 25. I have a tendency to cook them longer so I think we are pretty right on but I have accepted I could go into March. I am just trying to keep busy (I have a LONG to do list, homeschool three kid and am planning my garden so busy isn't a problem!).   Crazy how...
Congrats! I am still in denial I am having another baby, never mind labour!
Congratulations! Can't wait to hear the birth story!
Congratulations on the new baby boy!
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