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Congrats! 9lbs is an good sized baby! Sorry about the spinal headache though :(
COngrats! What an awesome labour.. Enjoy your baby moon.
Congratulations! Can't wait to hear the birth story!
We did this with our second. It was really important for him to find out as he said it made him feel connected to the baby. So we had the names picked out before he found out and he kept it a secret. Everyone tried to get it out of him but he held his ground.    The annoying thing was everyone trying to get him to tell them. And he had to be very careful not to let anything slip.   We didn't get any ultrasounds with the last two so he didn't find out with these...
O I hope your little one feels better soon!    I am up with a pukey toddler. Three times in less than an hour in three different locations (her bed, my bed, and the sofa). I think she is done and passed out now so I am waiting for sleepiness to hit me. 
Good Luck Jenne! I hope it works and I am sorry you have to go through all this. I am sure the stress of it isn't helping your blood pressure.   MommytoallH - I am sorry about the passing of your FIL. May he rest in peace and your husband and his siblings find peace as well.   Ashley - I hope kitty comes back. I have had them disappear on me before but like the song, they always came back. I even had one appear TWO YEARS after going missing. Actually he showed up...
Wow! Fast! Congrats and I hope her blood sugar is down and you guys are out!
Congrats! I am so glad you finally have a baby in your arms. I am sorry the birth was so long and exhausting (((HUGS)))
I am one of those due in later February so I know it won't be me but I can't wait to see who it is!
My midwife said sometimes the more kids you have the smaller you measure because your insides make more room for the baby. I measured small with my third and she was my smallest but still normal sized (7.7).
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