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Not yet as I just hit 37 weeks but for sure in about 2 weeks (hoping this one will be closer to 40 weeks as opposed to 43 weeks).
My suggestion? Don't wait around. Make plans, do things, take naps, see movies, read books, get pedicures, go for fancy dinners.   The worst that will happen is you will have to cancel. I made reservations at a super fancy restaurant on my due date. I waited around last time and it was awful. I refuse to do that again!
I would wait. I would definitely prefer a membrane sweep over a c-section though.   I had it done with my first a day before I hit 42 weeks. I was in labor within an hour. We tried to do it a few days before I hit 43 weeks with my last baby but I wasn't dilated at all so we couldn't. So obviously, I have done it as an "I am a few weeks past my due date and need to get things moving" option but it was never anything I would consider prior to 40 weeks. 
I am measuring right on with this one. I measured smaller (a week or two behind) with my first and was measuring three weeks behind with my third and she was my smallest baby.    My SIL was super tiny and didn't grow at all in her uterus measurements but still had an 8lb baby.
Gorgeous! Congrats!    The afterpains with my third were awful. Like labour all over again. I hope you feel better soon.   OMG! We are having babies!
Hmmm no update so maybe she had that baby?   Can't wait to hear the news! ELV is you still need them!
I am not getting a huge rush of energy yet. I am tired and I have three children who I homeschool and I have lots of animals i take care of and some days it is all I can do to go t the gym. LOL But my house is clean and I made a to-do list that I am methodically checking off (one for DH too) and that is good enough for me!
I just started freezing stuff. I hope to have 2-3 weeks of dinners in the chest freezer, plus frozen veggies, muffins and pancakes, etc. stored away. DH is taking 7-10 off plus he can work from home but that is all the help I will be getting. MIL offered but I don't fine her really helpful and my mom lives in Canada which is too far away.   I have two meals, a dozen muffins and a breakfast of pancakes frozen already. I will add more tomorrow and this weekend when I...
Mine isn't ready yet. Still waiting on some stuff but will definitely show it off when it is finished!
I am another one of those who stay closed and tight until right when labor starts. You could go anytime!    I am sorry you are miserable though. Hopefully it won't be much longer for you.
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