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(((HUGS)))   I have no advice nor can I relate but I couldn't read without just offering you my support. 
I stop at the store if I need something and there is the possibility we will be snowed in. We have lived here almost five years and have been snowed/iced in six times from three to ten days. Sometimes we lose power too, so I try to make sure we have easy to cook stuff on the camp stove. 
I didn't have a c-section but I just put it on and off. IT just wraps to your side (or at least, the one I was using did).   Also, I never used it for my first two kids. I used it on my third and it still worked great!
well, when I lose my mucous plug labour starts in a few hours. But my SIL, she loses her and labour starts within a week. So hopefully for you, that is the case! ELV for you when it starts!
I wore it day and night for 40 days. And I did it totally to be vain. I was able to wear regular pants a week or two PP.   It kept my posture straight and my loose skin tight. I also sold it online for almost as much as I paid for it, after my belly was back to normal.   Just remember that most belly binders bought commercially should not be used after c-sections. Just regular delivery.
I bound my belly after the last pregnancy and will do it again this time around. I really loved it! It helped my body go back to normal and made it so I felt better about myself. The older I get, the more difficult time my body seems to have bouncing back so this was a great help.   I used the Belly Bandit and will likely use it again. I called them the day after I gave birth, and they helped me with the sizing. I only bought one but this time I think I will buy the...
We also co-sleep for the first two years. We moved our two year old out of our bed this fall but she still climbs back in with us and wants to be right next to me. We are talking to her about the baby coming but I don't think it is sinking in. I need to get her some books.   Anyway, clothed and diapers will be in our room (we have an expedit bookshelf with baskets I will use to store its stuff) and I am picking up a little bassinet thing at Target this week but that...
I don't think I was really that prepared the first time. I thought I was but I didn't prepare enough mentally. I read BFW during my second pregnancy and that saved me! I was able to handle labor and delivery the way I wanted.    I didn't do anything to prepare for #3 and haven't done anything for this one either. I kinda know how I labor and birth now, yk? I do not have a problem slipping off into that mental place to get through the pain.   Am I looking forward...
Congrats! Gorgeous name and what a quick labor!
Did they lift the ban on selling used diapers on Ebay? I know they banned them a few years ago.   Hyenacart and Diaperswappers are options too.
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