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I didn't take my last baby in and we got kicked out of the practice. Well, they said they would take my older kids still but not the baby so I thought, "Why bother?".   I switched to someone that doesn't accept insurance but she sees my kids once a year and then answers any questions I have over the phone. Also she does home visits after homebirths! So she will come by after I have the next one.
Meconium seriously isn't a big deal. I am about to CD my 4th baby and I have never even had meconium stain. I use cloth wipes and it comes right off. I don't soak the diapers or anything. We just wash them every other day in the newborn phase and they come out sparkling clean.    Toddler poop. Now that is nasty. LOL
I have a LONG ways to go! LOL I have given birth at 42 weeks, 40 weeks and 43 weeks so I am not expecting anything early. On time would be nice though. 43 weeks is painful and slow and I hate the comments and the waiting!
Congrats! Super quick and a nice size on those twins, mama! You gave them a great home!
Well, I am not sure. DH will be taking some time off and so he can handle everything for a week. And really that is all I need. MIL offered to come and help but she has some health problems so I don't want to stress her out. My mom will be coming to see the baby after it is born and she is always a big help so I might just struggle along until then. I also plan on spending the money to bring in a housekeeper for a month of weekly visits after I have the baby.
LO has been head down for awhile but even if it turns, I will still have a homebirth. I am a fast pusher and a MW that does breech births was one of my requirements when interviewing them.
I make a pitcher every other day. Right now I am drinking two cups a day. One pitcher of RRL tea gives me four big cups. I will up it to 3-4 cups a day in a few weeks along with EPO taken vaginally. I like it iced, it is something to drink that isn't water.
I feel remarkably chill. Although I haven't done anything. I have to pay for some diapers I ordered and then get my room ready. But lots of time. I always go to term or later so I don't feel rushed.
I just posted a thread about this. I have been suffering as well and can't nap during the day (non napping homeschooled kids at home).   I started taking a cal-mag supplement before bed and downloaded some meditations that actually got me a bit more sleep last night. And today I had acupuncture done which is supposed to help. I may start taking B vitamin supplements if I need to as well.   The acupuncture is supposed to work really well. I'll post an update here...
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