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Quote: Originally Posted by mamaduck how are things going spatulagirl??? MUCH better. Dh is working really hard on changing. No spanking or pinching or hitting in the house for a few months now. I instituted a no yelling rule that goes for parents too. Everyone is settled in and DS is making friends which has helped. Still in negotiations about agner management counselling. He wants to work it out himself and between us first if we can....
Oh she looks adorable! Just to let you know too, the shirt is one of mine I make the shirts to go with Debi's shorts
I knew and I don't care. Whit could change the name to "Cows Poop Products" and I would still buy from her.
Yes. I have done it in the past (just returned from overseas for almost 8 years) and we would in a heartbeat if we could get a job.
Crap. I planted four. No wonder my mother laughed when I told her. I had planned on grating it and freezing it so I could use it all winter for bread... Maybe I should rip one out? Or chance it? LOL
Thank you! I am going to try to make this tonight. I have already lost two plants to deer. I rigged a fence around my bed but if an animal wanted, it could still get in there.
I don't know how I am going to make it until January. What an ending. Although DH and I called the bug planting on Logan.
We have a $400 budget as well and eat organic about 90% of the time. I have had to cook very very simply. I have been buying rice and flour in bulk. I have learned to live without some foods some week. I planted a garden and also joined a CSA. Hoping to get enough produce for the summer and to freeze and can into the fall and winter. It is frustrating but worth it.
Shannon, did you ever have the Crispy Crunch shot when you were in university? Tastes just like the chocolate bar! I tend to load up on Canadian chocolates when I go there. I haven't been in years but luckily the UK has almost the same kind so when I lived in Europe I loaded up there
I don't soak in soda ash unless tie dying. When I solid dye or dip dye, I stir the garment in the dye/salt/casolene solution and after 20 minutes add the soda ash to the dye bath and then soak it until I have reached the desired colour.
New Posts  All Forums: