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Quote: Originally Posted by MamaInTheBoonies My case is only one example, there are others. But to just give iron supplements without finding out why, is not always the best choice. I did not see anyone stating otherwise. In fact, what has been written is how important it is to have tests done before you supplement. And, as jamie wrote, your story does seem to be changing.......
Now that we live in a house large enough to have guests and with a dining room that seats more than 3 (actually could seat 10 if the leaves worked on the table!), we are putting our foot down and not leaving at holidays. My parents opted, at my suggestion, to go see my mom's mom as she is too old to travel, but my mil (: : ) announced that we could only have one holiday and she wanted thanksgiving. Two t-days in a row she has wanted to go out of town as she did not want...
He is a door bolter. And, I like to be warned when he is approaching. Helps me have time to get the food up high. But, thanks, maybe I can let him "air" at night.
Why can't I just be knocked out for the birth, like in my mom's days? Ok, I gotta go to bed. Night all Kathy
Should I use CIO with or without the sleep sheep?
Which mtv video is your preschooler's fave?
Enfamil or Nestle Good start?
Quote: Originally Posted by MamaInTheBoonies For the average breastfeeding baby, no iron supplements should be needed, unless given to the mom. This is your opinion. One opinion. One should never base their actions on the opinion of one person on a website. While there is a plethora of good information here at MDC, I think it wise for all parents to do as much research as they can into their and their children's health. And, occasionally,...
Quote: Originally Posted by JustJamie I don't think anyone was disputing that it's the best source...however, it being the best source doesn't mean it's the ONLY source. I agree with this. I exclusively breastfed my baby until she was over 1 and because I have low iron issues, she was tested at her checkup. I believe it was at her one year checkup, because she was still not eating solids. She was found to be low in iron, even though I take...
Much as I like the wheat and pine product cat litters, we had to switch to the clay variety to both cover the stink of Pete, the stinkiest poopy cat in the world, and because Bear, 16, has "sensitive pads" and refused the other stuff. Saving us some money. But, Pete is fixed and his poops are still stinky! Through 6 years of several kinds of food and many vet visits. Are you sure fixing your cat will solve the problem?
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