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Can't wait to see the news about the lawsuits. I am sure they are pending.
I knew some ladies who let their kids cio. We were in a new mom group that I then quit. They all thought their babies were being manipulative when they cried. Babies!
My naturopath says that airbonne does not work. I would just do echinacea and vit C.
her design is too divine for me. It all seems way far away from what I could ever afford to do so I don't watch it much. I like kenneth brown.
I always tipped the hairstylist when I used one, whether they owned the salon or not. They had my hair in their hands, for god's sake! They deserve to be kept happy. As for the furniture guy, I did tip him $20. That is what I found on several sites when I googled it and what you guys agreed before I tipped him. He had to put together the futon frame and matching coffee table and tv cart. They were not easy to do and required him to do a lot of work. I agree that...
There was an article a few months back on Bust magazine about a woman who gets all her clothing from dumpsters. She boils them in hot water before she wears them and often resews them into new threads. She had some cute things. Me, I used to have a recurring nightmare about dumpsters to I try to avoid them. They still give me the creeps.
I find that it comes from watering at night or late afternoon so the plant does not have time to dry off before the wetness of night. It just gets too wet and mildew happens. Also, the plant sometimes needs to be thinned or have plants next to it thinned. It needs air to be able to get to all leaves so they can dry. I prune back all the affected leaves and try the above. It has always worked for me so far.
All right - I give up. Either I am not cool enough or the computer gods don't want me to have a dddc. I tried three browsers and I cannot get the program to stay running for more than a few minutes. It was fun while it lasted.
Quote: Originally Posted by Kristine233 Oh bummer! I know it wont work when I use firefox, i have to switch to IE to get it to work. PITA. Oh, maybe that is my problem. But, I cannot use IE. IE and mac don't agree. I may try safari. Seems to be working now
A few weeks back, I read in people that Laura is due in November. I think Heidi is either a month ahead or behind her. The finale should be interesting with two (hopefully') lovely preggers ladies!
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