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Oh, that is a great suggestion! Thank you. Do you know if they are all interchangeable? Is the 1-2-3 set compatible with the other sets? Wonder if they can be used with older versions too?
I am looking for a toy that is like Little People in that you can keep expanding your collection. I like that little people has so many themes (zoo, firetruck, airport, etc). I don't like that they limit the use by adding the sounds.I don't like that they are made only half thought out. Ie. they can be frustrating because the wagon won't stay hitched to the donkey. The airplane doesn't fit the airport.  Any ideas?
Science Daily Top list of Autism causing chemicals. Even traditional MDs don't argue with Science Daily. http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2012/04/120425140118.htm
We've had a similar situation with our LO, and it started when he was weaned (not a change because of travel). He is 2, when he weaned (at 18m) then he would wake up from being in crib and we would bring him to bed with us (all times of night). He started crying at bedtime. We tried CIO (worked swell when he was a few months old-just cried for 5-10 minutes on one or 2 occasions). After a 2hr crying session (Super Nanny style-sitting in room with him while he cried) with...
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