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I'm still doing my regular workout 2-3 x a week with modifications (no crunches but lots of plank and oblique strengthening). it seems to be going ok. Baby didn't like it on Monday, but I went for workout, then did a 90 minute massage, then had to haul some 5 gallon water jugs.  I will take it more easy tomorrow!
I have also been wondering about this.  I have a large immediate family and most in the same city.  My baby will be grandchild 20.  I am fine with my immediate family, their husbands and my bro's wife, and all my nieces and nephews.  I also really like DH sisters and kids, but not their husbands, lol.   My MIL is another story.  I don't like her and I don't want her around my baby.  Her boyfriend is not allowed in our house.  They are both on SS for the past 15+ years,...
I am taking carlson's cod liver oil, but I am going to try Carlson's fish oil when this bottle is done.  I hear it's the best, lol. 
The diet is not an immediate solution.  I was on a candida diet for 5 months, not pregnant.  A really good book is The Yeast Connection Handbook by Guy Crook.   I am gluten free and (mostly) dairy free and vegetarian right now.  It is possible and there are a lot of GF options, even at Safeway!  I was doing a Paleo Diet, but poultry does not agree with baby and red meat is sometimes ok.  
Midwifery was legislated in Alberta 4 years ago and it is paid for by our healthcare.  Since then, midwives have become much more medical.  One of the midwives in the group I have chosen has already been pushing medical monitoring during labour.  I think I am going to have a doula as well as my midwives at my birth.  However, I do not plan on calling the midwives until I am in active labour, lol, they may not make it.     if you google interviewing doulas, you can look at...
I have just started 'Birthing from Love' Online course.  It is awesome.  I am pretty emotional, so I pretty much cry the whole time I am on the site.  I can't decide on bradley or birthing from within for a course with my babes.  He doesn't care which one we take, lol.  
I'm 15-16 weeks and having heartburn.  I am taking an essential oil blend by Doterra called DigestZen.  I take it orally and rub it on my tummy.  I am also taking a TBSP of apple cider vinegar when I can't find the essential oil, lol.  
I have been taking chia pudding (2TBSP chia seeds to 2C milk (I like almond) and maple syrup to taste and either 1TBSP cocoa or 1/2 tsp vanilla powder) So yummy and make the BM easier.  I'm not sure about after birth BM as this is my first, but I am used to 3-5 BM a day and while pregnant, it's been once a day.  :(  I also have used the Traditional Medicine Herbal Laxative teas.  They are VERY effective if you let it steep for 20 mins.  It does take 8 hours to work it's...
Hi All, I am due Aug 24-31.  Depending on if you calculate from conception date or last period.  I did not have a dating ultrasound and my uterus is 'small' for 15 weeks.  So who knows really.  I am 35yo, this will be my first little one.  I manage a holistic dental practice and am a part time massage/craniosacral therapist. I have five furry baby's already, two bulldogs and three cats (one mini black cat and two scottish folds).  We were planning on breeding our dogs...
Peeing is fine and finally my BM are returning to normal.  My sex drive is insane and because anatomy is changing and hormones are high, I am an immediate orgasm and even my skin is extremely 'sensitive'.  It's awesome.   Other than that, I'm stuffy all the time, but I just started using the neti pot and it seems to be helping.  I'm only doing twice a day, but I think I'll up my use.  
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