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When my oldest son was about 9 months old, my mom asked what I would do if he started walking before he turned a year, in referrence to BFing. I just looked at her crazy and asked what feet had to do with nursing??? Also, I was aiming for at LEAST a year, but was following his lead.
Diono is releasing new seats in the spring, maybe one without the headwings will fit your 7yr old and his can go to the baby? Good luck!
Dionos have good seats and they're releasing new ones with higher weight limits this spring. I'm personally looking into getting the Diono Pacifica, once it's out, for my then 2yr old and putting my newborn in his Maxi Cosi Pria.
My oldest weaned before she called it anything. DS1 called it Ninies or sometimes Nii-niis. DS2 called it ging-ging before he could sign or talk, but now calls it Milkies and Side. Will be interesting to se what the new baby will call it, but I'm guessing he'll just copy his brother. Lol
I'm 37 and have an almost 17yr dd, my oldest ds will be 14 next month, a 21mo old ds and due with another ds next month! My two teens were/are thrilled about their baby brother and now this upcoming baby. They help out a lot, but also have their own lives going on. I personally love it now, but was scared to death before my 21mo old was born.
Kt-mommy, I really like it. I keep going through names and returning to Oliver. I've loved it from the getgo, but the fact it's like #70 is deterring me. I might just end up biting the bullet though. Close second is Emerson, but I can't find a good nickname to go with it. 2 more months to figure it out! Lol
Subbing, since I'm currently nursing my 20m DS2 and due with DS3 in Jan. We've already starting talking about how baby will have milkies too, but he can't have big kid food for a long time. I'm really nervous as to how DS2 is going to handle being a big brother though.
I am totally stressing because normally I have at least a name or two in the lead by this point (with babies or puppies, lol). Yet nothing is really calling out to me. I fear he will go by "Guppy" for the rest of his life! Yikes!
Catwmandu, same here... 
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