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He just started, hes breastfed nd has two teeth. But even when he was teething he never fussed like this. He screams and throws his body around. And then suddenly he stops nd finishes playing. Im trying to wean him off the breast now. He was doing good, i work part time in the am so dad gives him a bottle in the mornings nd Im home for his bottle for lunch. Just recently he has stopped eating completely in the morning. He waits until I get home at noon to eat anything (i...
Thank you. Thats good to hear
My little one had cradle cap for all of a day. I combed his hair to loosen the scales then washed his hair with Dr Bronners baby soap then massaged coconut oil into his scalp. I continued all day, everytime he nursed i would massage more oil into his scalp. By the nxt morning it was gone. And we havnt had a problem since
Our son is 9 months old. Because we chose not to vaccinate or first ped refused to see us. No big. We were never big on taking him to see a doctor anyway. Back story. I had a healthy pregnancy. Delivered naturally and breastfeed. I still breastfeed although occasionally I mix coconut water with the milk of he has a bottle. Im a vegetarian with a healthy track record. We monitor his weight and hes a happy baby. Never fussy and only cries when hes stuck in the carseat for...
I had a natural hospital birth and it was everything we expected. The hospital room was in the birthing center part of the hospital. So we had a birthing tub in our very spacious room. We went in with a very clear birth plan. No one was to be there but myself dad and the midwife. It was important that the hospital knew that I planned on breastfeeding (esp since i got dehydrated after birth nd couldnt breast feed right away) so he wasnt givin formula or sugar water. Once I...
We have been cosleeping with our little one since birth. It was perfect because I breastfed so it made feedings at night alot easier. Well hes 9 months now and I still breast feed but the cosleeping has gotten very uncomfortable. Hes alot bigger now and moves alot. My dad is building him a bed now nd it'll be ready in a few days. Im just not sure how to even go about weening him out of cosleeping esp now since he is so attached to me. Any advice??
Somebody Help Me Please. Im 32 weeks and suddenly the leg cramps just started. They wake me up out of my sleep and its terrible. I can barely move let alone walk. Sometimes I can massage them away but yesterday they werent going anywhere... please tel me theres some secret mother wisdom way of easing this pain.
Does anyone have an Idea to when a winner will be selected. Or when the voting will end. ??????????
  Mommy and Daddy going to breakfast. 31 weeks
Good Morning. And Good Luck To All The Beautiful Mommies (to be) Peace and Blesings.
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