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 well before we knew the baby's sex for a girl Yolinan (Yoli= Yolanda Nan=nancy) named after maternal and paternal grandmothers.   Boy Jaén Luis  :-) 
Well ok @ pokey AC, well I would think the drs mean no intercourse would mean in their terminology nothing "vaginal" andI wouldn't consider anal either for now.i need to talk to my ob ASAP lol  @amlikam if whatever works for your relationship cool. I just wanted to know if other moms to be with placenta previa have been a "little" sexual frustrated as I am grrrr... Lmbo..  
@ Amlikam Hmm mild one? I have an appt on 3/8/13.. I'd have to ask my OB to see what's the difference. Never heard of that. Lol thanks 
Baby boy # 4 
@spotty yeah that's me with the current restrictions you have including the intercourse. @amlikam I'm the same with the pelvic rest. Ooo @ulybka isn't frustrating?  I know I am lol. 
Thanks ladies :-)  ya I'm trying to absorb and enjoy my last pregnancy, thru the good and bad.  I'm closing this factory. Hehe. I hope it does move. Could you imagine my last pregnancy going out with a blast with a c-section after having vaginal births lol. I put it in the Lords hands.. One again thank you all :-). @spotty4, you mentioned you spotted but when the u's was performed your placenta moved? We're you able to do your normal activities or limited?   
Oops sorry I think I pressed submit too many times lol. I thought my comp froze lol
Hi Ulybka312   Well I'm due another ultrasound on the 21 of march I have what they call partial placenta previa. The perinatalogist said he's hoping it will move a few centimeters by the time I get my next u's done if not then I'd have to be on complete bed rest and more than likely a cesarean done. I'm following up with my ob and my high risk ob due my age. So the visits with the perinatalogist is more in depth. So far my baby is Goodall tests have came out normal...
Hi I'm new this.. I'm due June 23, 2013. I was diagnosed with placenta previa at 20 weeks. Anyone else here with the same diagnosis? 
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