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wow, some great recommendations here, thank you, everyone.   I remember liking anything by Aviva Jill Romm for preggy books, and Kids are Worth it by Barbara Coloroso is a great parenting book.  I have yet to find the boxes with these book since we moved... must get on that...
Hubby is a Jeep guy which is probably why he's leaning towards the Commander.  I will have to look into the Land cruiser, I know people who have loved theirs.  I'm having a really hard time with the idea of parting with my truck - it's kinda the perfect size for driving around and I guess it's the first nice vehicle I've had.  We are looking at buying something cheaper as well to help with finances and because I won't be commuting anymore (yay).  But I still want...
Well, this will be carseat #3 for us and we're looking at getting a new (to us) vehicle as my little truck won't accommodate 3 carseats (well, 2 carseats and a booster).  I know it's way in advance, but we're starting to think about what kind of vehicle to get.  Hubby is thinking Jeep Commander as it has 3rd row seating.  Minivan is not an option as we live in a rural area and need extra clearance to get through the snow in the winter.  Anyone had a Commander? Was it...
good to hear. Sounds very reassuring.  What province are you in?  Just curious - I'm in Alberta.
Business clothes are the worst.  If I was not working outside the home I would have 2 pairs of jeans and a few nice shirts and call it a day.  ok, well, maybe not quite that sparse, but seriously.
I heard about that policy on the news (I'm in AB), SunnyMuffin, and wondered what healthcare workers had to say about it.  Is there much opposition?  I could see this being a problem for a lot of people.
Can I complain for a moment about the expense of buying a whole new wardrobe? grump. 
I've felt definite movement a couple of times already, and I'm only just now at 12 weeks.  I've never felt movement before 20 weeks before.  Twins?! Now wouldn't that be fun.
a couple of thoughts:   1. in February you will probably have more energy being in the 2nd trimester, but you won't be huge and uncomfortable yet.  Perfect time to move if you must during pregnancy.  And won't it feel great to be out of the old house and starting the new life with the new baby.  good energy.    2. last time we moved we got a big garbage bin in the driveway.  Threw out SO MUCH stuff.  It was awesome.   3. I helped my (very) pregnant sister...
oh wow, congratulations!!
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