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Sending hugs to your daughter and hope that this year goes smoothly for her. I am going to get the American girl doll book for my daughter.
Sending hugs to you and your son.
hi, we have no dental insurance but our health insurance covers preventive care for kids up to 12 year old.which we just found out in january. so kids hadnt been to dentist in 2 years. my 2 daughters went in january and my now 6 year old they said has 6 cavities all inbetween teeth on molars. and my 8.5 year old they say has 1 on a 12 year old molar. they had cleaning fluroride and xrays.   now for my 4.5 year old.  I just took him earlier this month and this...
welcome to mdc it is a great community
i would say 9 with a phone with them.if you are going to meet them at the exit to ride. or 10 if meeting at a meeting place .
Subbing even hthough my dd is only 8.5
I just got 8 bath towels on clearance for our new place. Then we have 3-4 beach towels. N no hand towels. There r 5 of us.
Just wondering ow things are going now.
I lay down next to them till they go back to sleep but if they wake up later the same nite I will let them sleep In our room. Although my son still sleeps with us at nite and is almost 4 we are going to hopefully trasition him soon to his own bed.
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