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My daughters are 2.5 yrs apart and fight a lot. And my middle daughter and son fight a lot too but his my youngest. He adores my oldest daughter though.
None of my kids do extra curricular activities right now. But my nieces are in many and it takes up a lot of their time.
Probably to much especially now that it is winter
My son will be 4 in a few weeks and still won't poop on potty and has pretty much decided that he will just pee in his diaper too. I heard boys can take longer
My first dd stopped at 4 my second around 3 and my son around 2
What about hylands cough and cold?
Congrats he is so handsome
I haven't worn makeup in years but when I was younger I wore minimal other than my wedding n my sisters weddings. I only wore coveup foundation n lipstick never have been able to do,eyeliner myself for fear of poking self in eye.
Sending hugs to all stay safe we are in ma n for some reason school is closed tommorow wondering if it will be on Tuesday also. All we have had is drizzle and wind somfar
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