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have you talked to peditrician i took my son to his 3 yr old physical and his doctor said he is very very hyper and i try and have him run around and get in sensory things. becuase he also has sensory issues. what about having her ride tricycle  outside before it time to have dinner.? or run around in yard and play ball or catch? trying to think of things she can do to get out some energy.
what about the flinstones vitamins. like flintstones first vitamin?
subbing becuase I am dealing with my 3 year old son being very rude now too. 
how is she doing now? 
yah i was gonna say look at childrensplace they have slim pants. i think old navy might also.
glad to hear he is feeling better my kids caught alot of things at beginning of kindergarten cause they were around new kids and new germs if you know what i mean but glad he is feeling better. 
my son isnt fully trained yet and he still poops in pullup at school. he is required to wear a pullup if not trained completely. but he is only 3 yrs old.
my heart breaks when i read about a child being teased or bullied. i hope things get better for him. i was teased as a child and my oldest has been bullied so my heart goes out to you and your son. big hugs.
subbing my duaghter just went to a birthday party and i sent her with markers and big coloring pad. so this is a great idea.
maybe she will outgrow it. 
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