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i would say january would be a great time. as its after holidays but before baby could come early
wow that is soooo cool. i cant wait till i can feel them on the outside. I bet your daughter will have a look of amazement onher face.
dont forget to bring full copies of your medical records.
awww they all look cute. I dont have any good ones only a side profile cause he was moving to fast.
wow that is sooo soo scary. how are u feeling now? still no contractions keep us updated.
big hugs just wondering if anything worked for your daughter that was suggested. cause my daughter is same way.
we having a boy
We will be having a BOY i started crying when the tech showed us. This brings a type of closure to me as i am birthmom to a 8 yr old boy and now i am going to finally have the chance to raise a BOY! and give him everything i knew i couldnt give my birthson. :
New Posts  All Forums: