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o this tribe is for me. I have no IRL friends. Well wait a second i should say i have 1. That is my husband he is my best friend. I am a very shy person always have been and feel awkward around other people. and now that i am pregnant with number 3.and have a 4 yr old and 15 month old it is even harder cause i feel like people look at me like a crazy for having 2 kids and 1 on the way. I have a hard time figuring out what to talk about to people and also have a hard hard...
just wondering if anyone has delivered at cmc? did u like it i am delivering their in feb. and i am wondering about the staff and helpfulness of the LC's I am determined to make breastfeeding work this time. after it not working with my last and me ending up pumping for 9 months exclusively for her. anyone
praying the Amino goes well for you tommorow citygirl. Cindy- congrats on wedding and baby girl. you look beautiful I am doing well this wk. have a appt on 11th. dont really feel baby move much makes me wonder if placenta is posterior again. been still feeling very very tired
well it has been cool here in NH in ams and then like 70 Plus in afternoon. but nice and breezy at times Fall is in the air and i hope it arrives soon. No acs really sucks especially with the humidity added in. Well i went for my Nuchal Transulency test today. I am 13 wks 6 days baby is measuring right on spot due date feb 26th(my dads bday) lol. of course my bday is feb 19th. so we shall see. The sonographer wasnt the nicest. she was like right there and wouldnt even scan...
still stuck in the 1st trimester here. But omg girls have u all had fresh strawberries lately. omg my hubby bought a 2 lb package today and OMG THEY ARE HEAVENLY. I am like trying to keep my 4 yr old and 1 yr old from devouring them. They are the big ones so i only gave each of them 2. while i had like 6. lol. I havent had them in months becuase of prices. Look what i have been missing.
i am just about 10 wks now. and feeling wonderful have escaped the morning sickness feeling this pregnancy. I am just very very tired and moody. other than that feeling wonderful. i see midwife august 14th for 1st appt
"definitely a breast pump (check with your health insurance-mine paid 90% of mine" with that said my insurance originally said no but with medical authorization from my daughters peditrician they cover 90 percent of it. and as far as recieving blankets for swaddling. I just had 2 layers of flannel sewn back to back. 40 inch square yep it is huge but great for swaddling. worked wonders for my duaghter.
necessities. baby bargains book by allen fields- life saver and tells ratings for all types of baby products better than consumer reports. tips suck on starburst if u have morning sickness thats about all i can remember right now ladies
Just wondering if a Midwife would not take me as a patient becuase I dont know you would consider me high risk. I Have cerebral palsy very very slight and hasnt affected my pregnancies or in the past. I have a VP shunt and my previous Ob only had me on antibiotics during birth to prevent infection. and he sent me to a Peri for a level 2 ultrasound 2 times to check size of baby etc. First birth was uneventful.(gave the baby up for adoption) 2nd birth my duaghter came out...
i am with you ladies i dont feel preg at all and am like 7.5 wks i go to see nurse on tuesday. so we shall see. I am not feeling nausea or anything i do get some cravings other than that feeling great. beside being very very tired.
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