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Wow I was hoping to see a happy ending so try didn't wrk out
I I just asked my girls who are 8 n 5.5 yrs n when I asked if they would eat said food 5 yr old said eww no but when I explained what each food was she was willing to eat. My oldest was like yah I would eat that it sounds yummy n names r funny. So I would make it all n put place card saying what it is.
How are things going?
my older 2 do but my 3 yr old just toys. and put stuff in laundry bucket.
Wow 8 or 9 is now a tween where has the time went.
My girls still wet the bed ages 8 n 5.5 yrs n my son age 3.5 hasn't even started training yet.. the girls wet the bed maybe 1-3 times a month but sometimes i wonder if it is stress related.
Wow I haven't heard of any of these series n my daughter just started 2nd grade but reading more at end of 1st grade level
all kids ages 8 5 n 3.5 yrs go to bed at 7
Subscribing to this thread my son will be 4 in feb. n he is a bit delayed I think.
My son is going to be going to public preschool In town elementary school 5 day a wk 8-10:30am. He is not potty trained n that is ok they said just has to be in pullups. But I concerned about him pooping n needing to be changed. Cause he is uncircumcised. Maybe it just a fear that they will retract foreskin. Because his old pei did at his 3 day old visit.n that was it. Cause I changed his pedi. Would u be concerned?
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