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Yay!  My midwife just talked to a doctor and I'll be able to get my ultrasound next week.  I'm glad she came through.  I'm so paranoid and I really think some peace of mind will help me in labor.   Thank you everyone for your input :)
The OB she used to order from, who works with midwives, decided home birth was a liability. 
Central coast.  San Luis Obispo, CA.
I live in California.  I've tried 2 OB offices, and both have denied me an ultrasound.  Something about liability.  I'll ask my midwives about a back up doctor, but so far they have not been able to help.  I might just give up getting one.  I'm just afraid being unsure or scared will affect my labor negatively. 
I'm now 24 weeks pregnant, having my second home birth with midwives.  For the last month I've been feeling like I would like just one diagnostic ultrasound to check for placenta placement, if the baby is OK, etc.   I haven't had any ultrasounds so far and have done minimal testing.  I really feel I need the peace of mind.  My problem is, no one will order me a diagnostic ultrasound because I'm having a home birth.  My midwife can't order them anymore and no doctor will...
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