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I hope you get some closure with your letter. You need it. It seems, just in the course of this thread, you are getting more annoyed at the situation. There could be many answers, along the way, that make it not so bad. Perhaps when she knew you were in labor (and that it's your 4th baby), she headed closer to where you live so that she when things did change, she'd be readily available. For midwives, who are in my town, it still took 45 to an hour for them both to get to...
To add...'cheap' should not be the basis for your decisions. You sound very bright, and know your options. You are very educated on foods, nutrition etc. you should obtain the services that suit you best. In some instances, it may be the cheapest~but to say, I'm getting everything at the lowest price possible, unfortunately may mean you will pay big time (emotionally) for it. Since you are so early on, see how you can create a reasonable budget for the things you...
She's asking normal questions...but if you don't click..I would find someone else! The extra money you spend will make your pregnancy (you've still got a loooong way to go!) so worth it if you feel a real connection with your midwife
Congratulations on your pregnancy! As far as doula rather than midwife? I think you need to commit to either having an unassisted birth (with or without a doula) or hiring a midwife, but hiring a midwife to only act as a doula unless something goes wrong, seems very wrong. The two roles are very different. If something goes wrong, the midwife, acting as midwife, most likely could have seen it coming, prevented it, or remedied the situation, if she was monitoring you &...
New here, but not a new mom. Been browsing theses forums for years..not sure why I never joined! I have 3 kids, (10, 5, & 2) boy, girl, boy, and 2 college age step sons. My 2 older kids attend a Sudbury school. I'm a birth doula (I had an amazing first birth and wanted to get more involved after that!) and a Wellness Consultant. I've had a hospital, birthing center, and homebirth~all natural. I love birth & being pregnant Nice to meet y'all! ~Mimi
Congratulations! Sounds like you're off to a great start
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