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I've been taking Rainbow Light since I found out, but at this point, even the smell of them makes me run to the bathroom. So I need to find something else temporarily. Someone suggested that there are gummy prenatals out there, and that you can also use Flintstone's. I know they are nowhere near as good as what I am using, but I need something.
Well it's definitely making up for lost time! I am so sick this week. Nothing is making this nausea better.
I called to see if the doctor had responded to my question yet, and the nurse said no, but that from reading my note it seems normal and that symptoms can come and go. I still wish I had more symptoms though!
Hello everyone,   I'm wondering if anyone else has experience with this. I am 6 weeks 1 day currently and right after I found out (last Friday), I was exhausted, had waves of nausea, urinating all the time. Now, and for the past 2 days, I'm not feeling as bad. Bloating is gone, nausea happens very infrequently and mainly in the mornings. Nothing in the food world sounds good to me, but I do have more energy than I did. Otherwise it's uncommon symptoms like itchy scalp...
Hi everyone! I'm Kristyn (29) and DH is Jacob (29). This is our first pregnancy but 2nd child - DS is 17 and adopted. We are all very excited!
Hello! I'm krisnic - due August 12!
Hello everyone!   DH and I are ttc and I wanted to put some feelers out there for a doctor in Kalamazoo. I would like one that isn't quick to push epidurals or C-sections, but I have no preference on gender. Any ideas? Also I need for them to be able to accept NGS insurance, which is often Bronson network.
I know. I get it, there are definitely cultural differences at play here. I just don't think it's just that. The comments she makes about me to my son, the poor choices that she makes...there's just so much going on. It's annoying and exhausting to say the least.
Is it something the GAL can address for you? You always have the right to make a complaint and advocate for the children, and I find it very immature for the private agencies to try to use scare tactics when it comes to the safety of the children. The state of MI needs to get their act together. They are already resolving a lawsuit and if they don't knock it off they are going to have more. My friend is also going through a bizarre placement situation right now that is...
Hillary - boundaries are something we have been trying to establish since we got our son 3 years ago. He's 17 now, so really it's up to him what boundaries are to be in place throughout the years now. Yesterday he wanted to give her money and I told him he shouldn't have to do that and he got defensive. When bio family asks for things, we do explain to him how it's not our responsibility to do that. Hopefully she doesn't guilt him into helping support her and the younger...
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