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I agree with the other Mamas. Teach him sitting down until he can manage to go standing. Good luck!
I have a 9 year old DS, 5 year old DD and 14 month old DS and we co-sleep most of the time. Since school has started and the big kids need their sleep I put them to bed in their own rooms but the 5 year old almost always ends up in my bed.
Quote: Originally Posted by JanB I'm actually a moderator of our local Freecycle group, and let me tell you that there is a certain (thankfully small) number of people out there who live to make complaints about other people. We have one Freecycle user who regularly sends complaints to the mods about Freecycle posts that she perceives to have been in violation of the guidelines. I am talking like 1-2 complaints PER DAY. So don't take these people...
I wouldn't sell anything that I received on freecycle. I think that if someone is purchasing things with the intention of selling them that is unethical. There are certain circumstances that I personally think are acceptable. That said, I thought freecycle was just that.... 'free' 'cycle' I posted a wanted for old/dirty dolls, barbie, ken, gi joe type for a college art project and recieved a very nasty e-mail from another member stating that what I was asking for...
Very scary. I am glad you are both OK
Thank You! I live in Illinois. I have saved the forms to my desktop previously that I found in this forum but for some reason I lost or accidentally deleted them. I'll Search
Hi All! My son is vaxed My DD I stopped at 6 months. I know that kids need shots again to enter school... right? But I don't want to get them. Can someone help me with information or forms? I take him in for registration on March 27th so I want to have my ducks in a row. Any assistance will be wonderful. Thanks
I'm glad you asked this question. My DD hasn't had a shot since 9 months... she is now 27 months. My son will be starting kindergarten next year and had all shot but I don't want to get him anymore. I hope to find answers here. I live in IL.
My 5 year old DS and 2 year old DD bathe together all the time. It is quicker for me that way and they love playing together in the tub! Sometimes I even jump in with them... it's crowded though As soon as they feel uncomfortable they can stop.
I have not had to have surgery, but when my DD was born my brother and SIL watched my DS. They picked him up from daycare,kept him overnight then took him back to daycare the following day and so on. When I am sick I just suck it up and take care of them. I don't have a choice. I'm sure if I were deathly ill my brother and SIL would take them... they have said they want them if something were to happen to me anyway. I try not to stress about it... someone...
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