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I am in the same boat with my almost 15 month old dd. I have been doing baby sign language to help her communicate her needs and it is helping a lot. I also breastfeed a lot still and it seems to help her regulate herself throuhout the day (she doesnt stop moving for anyhing else lol ). also I work everyday on calm peacefull communication with her and really encourage her to express her feelings and feel her feelings...I read an article about this and it clicked with me...
taximom5 I cant thank you enough. you really pointed some things out that I had not thought of....thank you. I have some to ork to do in order to prepare for the best or worst cats scenario. and when it comes down to it I cant say im 100% on either side. both risks on both sides scare me. I just want to feel like we talked things out and both agree on how to move forward
thank you. I appreciate your honesty.
I really appreciate everyone for taking the time to give me some advice and helpful information. if it is ok, I would love to pm you psullivan. I feel providing this information to my husband is my only option at this point. And you are right, we both care so much and want what's best but he has certainly been pusuaded by a physician unfortunately. we arent speaking at the moment, and he basically said hes going to do it. I already have terrible pp anxiety and I feel...
would you be able to share the recommneded sears alternative schedule?
we have a healthy 13 month old girl who just saw a dr for the first time. she pulled out all the stops and even dared to say my child would die. my husband worries and actually I think he likes to worry and find more reasons to worry. he was scared and without doing any of his own research has now decided hes taking her in on his own for her needles. he knows I dont want her to have any. I think this is honestly the line in the sand for me. can anyone relate? I need help...
thank you so much everyone, this is extrememly helpful. I will keep everyone updated on our progress! for starters I am going to keep a journal and work on a few things in particular, give it some time and see whats night ...I am also going to try some of these suggestions . i am curious to know what the medical route for testing allergies is, I have not read much about that yet
hi there I have a newly turned 1 year old dd that has had dry skin since birth and is suffering from eczema now evenmoreso during our dry winter season. I am looking for input from folks that have tried out an elimination diet (im still bf'ing so I will also be giving an ed another go along with my dd) and I will also reply to this post in a couple months to let everyone know how this journey is going some things I do to help so far : totally eliminated dairy from dd s...
This literally brought me to tears and im snuggled up against my sweet little one. I am one day away from one year post partum. My ppd is improving with significant effort and work on my part. Only now that I am clear headed can I look ahead and smile. Your poem touched me and I thank you for making your experience I to such a beautiful expression that can touch a moms heart so deeply.
I am so excited to make this!!
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