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Hi Unfortunately we found out this morning that my levels have dropped significantly and we have lost our baby. Completely heartbroken but live in hope that we will be blessed again the the future
Thank you everyone for your messages. I was back up the hospital this morning as the show appear darker and thicker. (Still not enough to fill a towel and only when I wipe). They done an internal and my cervix is still closed. They said there is blood there but it's not bright red. Waiting for the doctor to call me with my new hcg results and have been put on bed rest until the scan. Hope to hear from them shortly and if levels are higher then I will take it as positive...
Hi, this is my first post and first pregnancy. I found out I was pregnant 5 weeks ago. My test said 3+ weeks so thought I was now about 11 weeks. I experienced bleeding Wednesday night so went to A&E to get checked out. They booked me for an emergency scan for the next morning to check my pregnancy wasn't eptopic. At the scan the sonographer told us our baby was only measuring at 5w+6 and that it was too soon for a heart beat. I was told I needed a scan the next week to...
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