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Just did one insert. Dr said to use it twice a week for a month. He gave me three weeks worth so that's what we'll try. My vaginal tissue is so raw it bleeds if I just touch it, let alone sex. From what I read in medical journals this situation that I have can easily snowball. Not having sex will make it even worse. The Dr hopes a short treatment will throw the body back into normal. Of course, he said nothing of milk supply. He did say this is his medication of choice...
I find my pulse goes up in pregnancy. Before babies it was 60 - I am thin, eat well and walk a lot. My first baby the pulse went up to at least 80 and it stayed there. Only for a short while between pregnancies did I get the pulse back to 60. Now I am 24 weeks pregnant and my pulse is almost always 90 or over. There is the blood volume, the hard work and then your body is forming a symbiotic relationship with a baby who has a very naturally high heart rate.
I'm a 40-year-old SAHM to my daughter born April 2011. We are due for baby #2 at the end of September. Looking for like minded mamas in the area. We live out in the burbs. I'm a reasonably crunchy, middle class, educated mom....
Have not been to him myself but k ow many women who think he's great
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