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Here's my two cents, but with the disclaimer that I am currently a nursing student, birth assistant for a home birth CNM and an aspiring CNM.   1. I would encourage anyone who has, or thinks they have, a passion for birth should explore midwifery. If you love supporting women and their choices, love birth, labor, and breastfeeding then this might be for you.   2. In my personal opinion, becoming an RN and then a Certified Nurse Midwife is the best way to get...
Actually home birth is already legal in Indiana with a Certified Nurse Midwife (CNM).
I did the DONA postpartum doula workshop and I think that the most important part I got out of the workshop was information on the business side of things. So I found it helpful to take the workshop, but I haven't decided on becoming DONA certified yet. So it is definitely an option to take the workshop through DONA and not get certified immediately, or at all. 
If you're interested in a home birth Penny Lane at Believe Midwifery Services is a CNM who provides home births in your area. Here's her website. 
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