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Yay! Congratulations!
I'm having my second. With my first I didn't buy any maternity clothes until 18 weeks, and didn't feel that I was really showing until the third trimester. (Example: I was at the dentist and refused x-rays because I was pregnant. My dentist said, congratulations! did you just find out? ... I was 8 months.). But this time my pants are getting tight now, though I'm still buttoning my jeans at 12 weeks. I suspect I'll be into maternity clothes in a few weeks. I just...
Hi and welcome palomajoy. Everyone's pregnancies are different, and some mamas show more quickly than others. I am quite tall, and didnt show until nearly the third trimester, but others show almost from the beginning, even with their first babies. Enjoy it! It's nice when everyone can tell you're pregnant!
It isn't very common to have a miscarriage after the first trimester. I already had a 8 week ultrasound, but I don't feel totally convinced there is a baby there either, despite being sick and tired. I think I'll be convinced once I start feeling movement in a few weeks. You might be able to hear heartbeat with a doppler. I think your midwife will try at least.
I'm so sorry.
So fun! I'm interested!
ShyingViolet -Ha. You are so right. Rosie - I am doing exactly the same thing. It will probably be our last and I want a boy!
Ugh. I was doing well until week 7. Now I've throw up about 10 times today, and I'm so nauseous and exhausted. And that's with zofran.
Justmama - Sorry about the HG. I had it during my first pregnancy, and it was awful. I was in the hospital by eight weeks. I had a week off from working, but then I was back at my stressful job. It was my first year teaching through a fellowship program in the Bronx. I was leaving the house every day around 5:45 AM and getting home some days around 8PM...to do more work. It was really awful. The zofran did help me. I was still nauseous and throwing up maybe 10x/...
I am not having much morning sickness yet. I was so, so sick with my daughter. That's really why I'm guessing boy. It's cool that you were right Philothea! My dream was strange. The baby was born, but I didn't know whether it was a boy or girl. He looked just like my daughter did as a newborn, except he was wearing glasses (weird) and I had to take off his clothes to discover he was a boy!
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