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I had a very vivid dream last night that I am having a boy. I never had any pregnancy dreams with my first, a girl. But just for fun, I thought I'd ask - who thinks they're having a boy or girl, and why? Guesses- Tremieli - Boy Philothea - Boy for now Steffanie3 - Boy ShyiingViolet - Boy Newgirlintown - Boy Justamama - Boy PurityLake - Boy LightGarden - Boy Yell - Boy Momtoafireteam - Boy Mody - Girl Nillarilla - Girl RosieL - Girl juliarstone - Boy LeavesofLaurel - Girl
Hi, They made the group secret so the link doesnt work anymore. I dont know who is the admin for the group, but I think anyone can add people, so if you want to join, send me a PM with your facebook email address, and I'll be happy to add you.
Sarah- This is number two. My first came two days after her due date, so maybe this one will come then too?
What are you using to heart the heartbeat?
Sarah - Love seeing the picture! Thanks! I am due one day after you. Philothea - It's so hard seeing a new provider, but usually they are more helpful after you've been there at least once, and usually the doctor is more helpful than the receptionist. With my last pregnancy, which ended in miscarriage, I hadn't seen a provider in my new town, and I was worried that I would have HG again. (With my daughter, I didn't see my provider until after I'd been admitted to the...
Sarah- I feel different too. With my other two I was sick by this time, and I've hardly been nauseous at all yet. Today I was wicked tired for the first time though. Also sore breasts and peeing a lot, but that's it! Hope it stays this way.
A rainbow baby for me after a miscarriage in April too. Welcome!
I had hyperemesis last time, and I already have a prescription for zofran waiting for me at the pharmacy. It is the only thing that worked, and I'll do anything to stay out of the hospital this time.
I would love to have twins, but the idea is also terrifying.  Identical twins seem to run in my family, with one grandfather, and two great-grandparents being identical, but they are supposedly not genetic, so that doesn't make it more likely for me to have twins.  I am 6 feet tall though, and larger women are more likely to have fraternal twins, so we'll see.  I'd be so excited.
I'm really thirsty too.  I haven't done it yet, but when I'm really sick, or have a bad headache, I make 'rehydration fluid' which is a quart of water with 1/2 tsp salt and 2 tbsp of sugar.  It really helps, and sometimes even cures my headaches.
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