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My daughter is getting close to being 4, and she really wants a sibling.  We told her about our last pregnancy, and then we had a miscarriage.  She was very confused and sad.  She had also told everyone at school that she was getting a baby, and adults started asking me if I was pregnant, which was really hard.  So this time we are not going to tell her until around the second trimester.
I'm not have a lot of symptoms, besides moderately sore breasts.  With my other two pregnancies, I was ridiculously tired and nauseous at the beginning.  I'm going to credit that to my current ridiculously healthy diet. 
If we have a boy, he will be Peter.  I also love Raphael and Emmanuel, but my husband hates them so they're out.  If it's a girl, we have no idea, the total opposite of my first pregnancy, when we had a girls name in 5 minutes, and never chose a boys name, which worked out since I had a girl.
My daughter was up about 5 times every night to nurse until she was 2.5.  I nightweaned her by just refusing to nurse her in the middle of the night.  It took maybe three nights with a bit of crying, but then she got it and started sleeping through the night. I also talked to her a lot before bed each night about how my nummies were sleeping until the sun was up again.  I tried every other method I'd heard of, and this is what worked.  Heaven!  But this wasn't the first...
Planning to have a natural birth with my wonderful CNM in a hospital.  My first was in a hospital with a OB.  It was overall a good experience, but I'm happy to have a midwife this time instead.
I'm Suzanne.  Due April 19th with baby #2.
I was doing basically the south beach diet with my husband, who wants to lose weight, before I found out I was pregnant, and I'm still doing it.  I haven't been as tired as I would expect to be based on my past pregnancies, and so far I haven't been nauseous.  I just got back from a 10 mile hilly bike ride, which is unusual for me, because I don't generally get a lot of exercise.  I'm hoping I don't get too sick.  I had hyperemesis with my first pregnancy, and it was...
Hi.  I'm Suzanne.  I'm 30, and a SAHM to a 3.5 year old, wonderful girl.  I formerly worked at a non-profit, and my background is in biology.  I'm constantly considering going back to work, or maybe school, but so far I haven't made any decisions.  Last year we moved from NYC to Blacksburg, VA.  I absolutely love it here.  It is so beautiful in the mountains, the weather is wonderful, and the people are great.  I miss my family back in NY though, and we don't know a lot...
I found this thread so interesting! Monthly income- ~4000 Mortgage (incl insurance and taxes) 1396. We have a plain 1980, 1600sq home, which is luxurious for us after a tiny apartment. electricity 100 internet/tv 100 cell 80 food 600 clothing and household items 200 car insurance 35 gardening 200 home improvements 200 gas around 50 retirement savings and health insurance are pre-tax. im not sure what isnt adding up, but we usually save around 1000/month. we just spent...
How horrible.  I'm so sorry to hear this.  When an acquaintance of mine died leaving a 2 year old and a 4 year old, her sister made quilts out of her clothes for them to sleep with.  Maybe something like that would help?
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