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I was 26 weeks when I got married.  I was thinking it was not obvious, but looking at pictures now, it totally was!  Do you want to know anything specific?
Doctor Who!  The 2005 series.  I was confused about what to watch when I started. Downton Abbey Call the Midwife is really good and available on the PBS website. The Big Bang Theory - So funny! But maybe partly because my husband is a physicist... I loved Twin Peaks.  It's old but so weird and good. If you like Criminal Minds, maybe you'd like Bones, another family favorite. If you like Buffy, maybe you'd like Fringe.  We were so sad when it ended.
Hi Elodaruns and welcome to Blacksburg!  My daughter is almost 3 1/2 as well and I'm a SAHM too.  We moved here last July, and it took a while, but we're finally starting to find other moms and kids.  You just have to know where to look.  I've been enjoying a MOPS group.  My daughter is in pre-school part-time and she loves that.  We've also recently started to go to some of the classes at the Rec Center, and they're a lot of fun.  We go to one in the afternoons that has...
It is hard to have an experience so different from the one you imagined.  I agree with the other posters that talking would be very helpful, and I'd also suggest maybe writing about it, just for yourself.  I don't know if this is really taboo to say here, and please forgive me if it is, but it sounds like you really needed a c-section to make sure your daughter make it through happy and healthy.  There is nothing you could have done to prevent the c-section or to prevent...
You'll be okay.  I think everyone has feelings like this, so don't beat yourself up for being anxious.  Having a baby is a big change, and one that you can't be completely prepared for.  Remember that the baby won't come for a long time.  You'll have eight months or so to finish your thesis, and if it's not finished by then, people can and do finish after their babies are born.  If you move, you move and you'll find another provider.  If you stay, I doubt your midwife...
I nursed my daughter for three years, and never had any comments (except once when I was using a cover in a crowded public park, someone told me not to cover up!)  I nursed in public many times, but rarely after my daughter was 2.  I nursed in semi-intimate spaces like on long airplane flights, uncovered, and no one ever said anything negative.  I did get some positive comments!
I had my first appointment this morning, and the ultrasound showed just an empty sac.  My midwife suggested the dates could be off, but I'm pretty sure they aren't because we chart.  They did some bloodwork and will repeat on Monday, but I'm pretty sure it won't turn out as I'd hoped.  I guess that explains why all of my symptoms have been very mild compared to my first pregnancy.   I was hoping for someone to volunteer to add people to the Facebook group.  It needs...
Starfish - I sent it again.  Hopefully it will work this time.  
Welcome and congratulations!  
I think I've added everyone who's sent me a PM, but let me know if you didn't get the invite and I'll try again!
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