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I had a really scary palpitation two days ago, and I've been having a few since.  I get them semi-regularly so it was nothing new to me, but I still really hate them!  I also feel like my heart is pounding a lot of the time.  Ask your provider if you're worried, but usually they are totally benign.  
I had HG with my first.  I have done a lot of research, and there was a recent study that showed starting treatment at the first sign of nausea can reduce the overall length and severity of the HG.  So of course, as soon as I found out I was pregnant, I got my prescription for zofran.  I was in the hospital last time too, and it would be nearly impossible for me to be there again with DD to look after.  I took zofran for 5 months of my last pregnancy, with no ill affects...
Our neighbors during my first pregnancy smoked in non-smoking apartments too and I could always smell it.  They smoked on our shared fire escape.  So gross!  I think I wanted to tell the super, but my husband just yelled at them once and they started smoking indoors, which we couldn't smell.  My husband has asthma so it was an issue for him too.
Send me a PM with your email and I will add you.  
Yes.  Thanks SilaMarila.  I just couldn't create the group without adding someone, so I added my husband. Here it is:   https://www.facebook.com/groups/130800860436721/ I can't tell if someone not in the group can see that link because I have to be logged in to see it.  If the link doesn't work, I will have to invite you by email.  Send me a PM with your email if you can't see the group and I will invite you like that!  Complicated!
Yes.  You can add me as a friend, and I will add you to the group.  If anyone is worried about adding a stranger as a facebook friend, I think you can edit friend settings now so that I can see only what you want me to see.
Me! I tried to make a group, but to have a secret group you need to be friends with the people you want to invite first.  Here is a link to my facebook page: (removing)   Send me a friend request, and I will add you to the group!
I love this thread!  I lived for 4 years alone, and 2 year married in NYC, first in queens and then on the Upper West Side in Manhattan.  We lived there for 10 months after we had a baby, and managed on a 50K income without having any luxuries, but without having to make any real sacrifices either.  But we could never have afforded preschool there, though I guess we would have had financial aid!  I never bothered to ask.  We have a partially subsidized apartment from...
Ugh.  Today was the first time I threw up and felt absolutely miserable.  7w3d today.  I was expecting to feel awful earlier, so I guess that's good?  I woke up around 4am feeling pretty terrible, but managed to go back to sleep quickly.  I'm so exhausted today too.  I can hardly stand up straight.  We got invited to a lunch at a new friend's house on Sunday, so I hope I'm feeling okay by then!
Does anyone else have a nasty, sour taste in their mouth?  I remember this very well from DD.  It went on the entire pregnancy, and this time it started a few days ago.  It's so gross.  Nothing helps get rid of that taste, but it was gone within a few minutes after she was born. 
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