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Hyperemesis gravidum, and mild pre-eclampsia with my first.  So far the second is going great, but it's only been 7 weeks!
Mine was a planned pregnancy too, but I also spent maybe three nights not sleeping and in a total panic right after I found out I was pregnant.  In my case, it was because my last pregnancy was very hard, and I had a baby who was up every two hours every night for nearly three years.  I was so exhausted and angry a lot of that time!  I was awake thinking something like "what have i done to myself! I shouldn't have done this!"  I was also having a lot of anxiety because I...
mtbmomma - I have! I recently joined an orchestra that meets once a week which I've been enjoying. That and the MOPs group do help, but I really want someone to have playdates with. The long afternoons were killing me, but just after I wrote this post, crying, I started looking at science projects to do with preschoolers and started doing a couple immediately with DD and we had a wonderful afternoon. My husband is back now too, and I'm having less morning sickness, so...
I just want to vent a little, so here goes. I don't have any mom friends. Last July we moved from NYC to a small town in Virginia and I haven't met any other moms here who I click with at all. A lot of the moms I meet have lived here their entire lives and already have lots of friends. In New York, we could just show up at any park, museum or library and find other kids to play with and people to see. Here I almost never find anyone during the week. It's like a...
Diclectin isn't available in the US, BUT diclectin is B6+Unisom, so you can just take those together and get the same affect.  It didn't do anything for me though.   
I needed maternity clothes around 17-18 weeks with my first, but it will probably be earlier this time.  I kept wearing some skirts with zippers by wearing a longish shirt and leaving the zipper open and the button attached with a hair tie or something like that. 
I had hyperemesis too!  It's the absolute worst.  This time so far I'm feeling pretty good, and I've only been nauseous for 20 minutes in the morning and evening each day.  Today is 6 weeks 1 day for me, and I feel like I'm in limbo waiting to see if the hyperemesis will kick in again.  I hope you don't get too sick this time!
  If you are a few days late, you could have a baby born on 11/12/13.  That would be cool too!
Anne, EDD is November 4th, and I'm guessing boy, because of the lack of morning sickness.  
I was nauseous for about 10 minutes this morning, and otherwise I've been feeling great.  Dying for cheese. Yesterday I was so hungry all day, and today I have no appetite but still feel good.  Still hoping to avoid the worst of morning sickness!  
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