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I love everyone's projects!! Tilly, the rag quilt is so awesome.   I've decided to attempt to make crib bedding.
ugh, bromache, I hate ants too!   It is looking like we don't have other plans for Memorial Day weekend and I'm excited to get some real nesting done! Find some fabric for crib bedding, get and try paint samples, and move the bookcase out of the baby's room and into our bedroom.
Finally got frames and hung up pictures from our wedding. Nice to cross projects off the list!
  same here! I have tried a few times but am not good at it, hehe
I am usually such a crafter, but I volunteered to make altar decorations for a friend's wedding so I've been busy with that and likely will be til their wedding in early June. I did sew a nursing cover though. I'd like to make supply pockets for a changing table and possibly a mobile.
I like Marion for a girl a lot but can see it working for a boy too.   We haven't completely settled on our names, but we haven't really been looking or talking about it much lately, which I think might be a sign that we at least have our short list. 
I'm reading Birthing From Within, and agree that it sounds like it fits what you are looking for!   Personally, I am planning to finish reading, Birthing From Within and then read Mindful Birthing. Class-wise, we will take Bradley classes, because I think they will fit DH's learning style and personality more. 
I am definitely nesting. I am always prone to spurts of cleaning craziness, but it is constant right now. 
I just started feeling what I am more sure are kicks on Sunday! I love it!
  haha, glad i'm not the only one with crazy kitties
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