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I feel the swollen feet and ankles; sometimes I expect the top of my foot to be bruised things are so stretched to capacity, something has to be rupturing. I have mad insomnia this week as well, which is beyond maddening since I'm so tired by the end of the day. What in the world?    Baby enjoys rhythmically pounding its head on my pelvic bowl for a good ten to fifteen minutes at a time which causes the strangest reverberations through my torso, it's bizarrely...
     Ha!  Good to know about Louis.  We'll be using the French pronunciation.  I think it's so lovely.
Thinking Soleil for a girl, and am actually really flummoxed over a boy's name since both my husband and me are convinced we're having a girl this time.  Naturally, with our current choice not to know the gender in advance, we should be at least somewhat prepared...  It's amusing how much my mind isn't going to boys' names at all, though.
Exactly what I want to avoid.  Thank you.
I am also making it a point to coach friends and family not to make all their discussions with my son about the upcoming baby, which seems to be their conversational instinct, unfortunately.  I encourage them to instead continue to initiate conversations about his interests and activities as they had been doing before I was pregnant, and I have been specifically pointing out that it will make him feel less important in the family if they assume that jokingly mentioning...
     I have a thirteen-year-old son who is feeling more than a little sullen and displaced by the baby on the way in August.  Books?  Articles?  Hands-on advice that goes beyond "It will all be all right"?
   Absolutely. I'm a horrible tea addict. I have a thirteen-year-old and am expecting baby number two perhaps in the beginning of August. We're vegetarians, eco-conscious, artists and community-involved whenever possible. I arrange large arts events and love meeting new people. I'm very near downtown. Whereabouts are you?
New Posts  All Forums: