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Yay! Had chickenpox when I was 6 years old.
Where is this from? And HA! Finally......
Thank you so much for posting. I love when others can put their thoughts on paper in such a digestible way.
Hahaha! That actually made me laugh out loud.
Thanks Taximom, much appreciated.
Im A little confused about Dr Wakefield. I've never done any real research into his findings but I thought he himself kinda backtracked and that's why he lost credibility. Or is that what Big Pharma wants us to believe?
She only does home births
^^^ obviously being sarcastic, for anyone who may have missed it.....
Why would the replacement try to hide that fact, Taximom? Don't you know that people who don't vaccinate are uneducated, gullible drooling morons who can't tell their head from their own ar$e?
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