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Congrats Lilac!    Best wishes to you, faithrainbow! 
Happy for you, PrimalJoy! Big families who love their kids are wonderful. Go you.
What are your temps doing? 
Oh! Good sign I think. Mine started to feel less tender...and BAM, there AF was!  I'm out this cycle. So much for our slam dunk on the first try! FX for the rest of you. 
Hang in there! Positive thoughts, FX, baby dust, etc!  You and I would have the same due date I think (based on previous posts of yours that I read in this thread).  I am 12 DPO, boobs hurt like never before for 5 days now!), but I AM TOO CHICKEN TO TEST.  I get dizzy too, am getting up to pee during the night (which seems new and unusual), I have weird cramping sensations but they do not seem like period cramps.  Temps still high for me, yay! I am not a cervix checker....
Hello! I am happy to now be in the TWW! Sending thoughts and hugs to all of you...
Thanks for the warm welcomes!  If any of you could offer a few piece of advice, what would they be? Use FF to track BBT and CM?  I just got a new thermometer, yay! Also have been on prenatals for 3 mos. (Pre-seed is in our arsenal, as well as some OPKs I ordered, not sure if we'll use any of these things, since this is our first go at TTC.) DH is off the caffeine and rarely drinks. He is nearing 40 and confident in his virility...we've never had a reason to...
Hi! I am back here after 4 years--in 2009 I hung around for a few months under a different name, don't even remember what I called myself then, it was so long ago, anyway, I was here while I was learning the ropes actually TTA by temping, etc. (Great success!) But now, drumroll, we're ready to start TTC! I am 31.  Here's to new beginnings! 
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