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Admit to yourself and others that this is not financially feasible.   Meal plan or freezer feed.   If you're short monthly, do you know by how much?
Follow the signs for dehydration. If your child appears to be dehydrated or lethargic, honey, you're going to have to walk or call a cab. Liz
Quote: Originally Posted by taubel Hi - My husband and I are naturally fairly frugal people - although we do spend a fortune on organic food, shampoos, sunscreens, etc. We make "enough" money, DH has two jobs, I have one part time job, we live fairly well (but simply). We were planning to purchase a slightly larger house in the next few years. But now, with mortgage rates so low, and housing prices down slightly in our area, we are considering buying...
Write and fax a letter to the health department - "request for a safety inspection regarding an unresolved fire ant infestation rendering the premises untenable", cc the apt complex via certified mail. Liz
Quote: Originally Posted by Peace+Hope hi, my little guy is doing great, about 6 1/2 months old, with good wet and poopy diapers, EBF (just playing with solids a couple times a week). lately he's been sucking on my chest after i've fed him and he's going down for a nap or evening bedtime. also, today he wanted to suck on my arm after i'd fed him. he's used his thumb for comfort since he was 2 months and has never used my breasts for comfort...
Write to any medical licensure committee or group that he belongs to or is licensed by, i.e. state board and AMA. Liz
It hurt, a lot. No rainbows and unicorns here people. Contractions never got closer than 6 minutes apart, which the MW found disconcerting. They were seriously concerned about FTP, but then I was pushing. HA! Henry was born at home at 1120A, 20 inches, 7# 15oz. No tears, just a little skin tear she said 1st degree on my 2nd degree scar from my last birth. 2 skid marks. Otherwise, real sore. Surprisingly to me, my belly is super sore. I'm binding with a belly...
23-24 weeks with my second and third. With my first I had a grapefruit sized fibroid in addition to baby and showed around 4 months. Liz
24+ hours bloody show Went to bed @ 830pm after a day of sporadic but very labor-y contractions (read, ow ow ow) Current pattern: 228, 241, 315, 324, 334, 342, 348, 354 I'll check in with the midwife at 430am if things keep up. I had DH writing down contractions but he only wants to sleep and laying down through contractions is a no go. Liz
I'm having very sporadic labor contractions. I would not say that I am in labor, but these are the horrible contractions I remember from last time. Please let them actually be doing something. I am going to bed now. My favorite midwife is on call this weekend. Liz
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