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Agree on the Out-of-Sync-Child, and the Out of Sync Child has fun. Have you checked out any of Temple Grandin's books? They Way I See It is good. There's one called The Autistic Brain too. This site has some recommendations for books too. http://www.squidoo.com/sensory-processing-disorders  
Hi. I'm sorry I have not experienced what you are going through. A couple things you said made me think of a condition called Cri Du Chat. I have heard about and met people online that have children with it but never met them personally. Kids with it typically have difficulty swallowing and sucking, and have a really strange cry. It may not be it at all. Just thought I'd mention it.  
That's too bad about the under armor. What exactly is it about the clothes he doesn't like? (texture, tightness, tags, seams, etc etc or unknown).
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