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BORN's rates are lower, around $2750 if I'm thinking right. They don't have the overhead of the big office that CHOICE has, so I assume that's a bit part of why their rates are lower. I talked to a few independent CPMs in the area and most were in the ballpark as well. I think checking them both out is a good approach! I'd be interested to learn your impressions. 
We are expecting our first in September and planning for a home birth. We have great midwives and tons of resources but I'd love to meet other moms/couples who have either had a home birth already or are preparing for their first like us! We live in North Linden/N Clintonville but would love to connect with home birthers from all over.
I'm a current client of BORN (due in Sept) and I love them. I had consults with several caregivers including CHOICE and selected the BORN team because I felt the best personality match and was most comfortable with them. Their general approach is pretty similar as you can imagine. My advice is to take advantage of the free consults everyone offers and ask them all your questions! Good luck!
Hi there, mama! I live in North Linden (borders Clintonville) and I am also expecting my first. I'd love to connect with more mamas in the area!
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