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I've been pregnant 6 (possibly 7 - 9) times and have 4 living children.  My first 2 pregnancies happened so quickly that I was taken aback when my body wouldn't allow a pregnancy to stick while I was hoping for a third child.  I couldn't enjoy my pregnancy with baby #3 as I was so terrified that something bad was going to happen.  I cried every night before my appointments as I was so certain that I was going to be told that my pregnancy had ended.    Ever since my...
I know that this reply is late, but my now-3 year old daughter actually had problems with the PUL diaper covers.  I tried bleaching, boiling, replacing, using liners, etc, etc, etc.  Nothing worked until I tried using wool covers.  It immediately solved the problem.  My other children never had issues with PUL, so I'm not sure why my dd happened to be so sensitive to it.
   I know that this isn't really a normal "mothering" issue, but I'm not sure where else to ask this.  (I figure that this board would have other breastfeeding mommies that have been in this situation.)     My grandmother passed away on Monday.  Her funeral is next week and will be a traditional Catholic one.  I know that this may sound silly, but I'm really stressing out on what I should be wearing.  She lived with me growing up, so we were close.  I have a baby who...
I highly recommend reading the book, "The Explosive Child" by Dr. Ross Greene.  (Read the reviews on Amazon - seriously!)  My son has mild autism, Celiac disease, dyslexia, and a normal IQ with a slow processing speed.  He wasn't as violent as your little guy sounds, but this book was life changing for my son and my family.
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